Sourcing you premium domestic staff for your private residence, chalet or yacht.

Housekeeper, chef, or house manager. Our dedicated specialists are on hand to provide you with the best candidates for the job.

Are you searching for staff for your private residence, villa, chalet or yacht? Or looking for your next role in the world of private staffing?

We are a private staffing agency ready to support you in both securing skilled professionals for your residence and for those seeking placements worldwide.

Meet the team

Meet the impressive team behind Silver Swan, combining an abundance of private staffing experience.

Our Specialisms

We are a private staffing agency, expertly placing staff in private residences, yachts, villas and chalets. Whether you need a private chef for your palace or a personal assistant for your townhouse we will be able to match your needs with the perfect candidate.

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Are you searching for staff for your private residence, villa, chalet or yacht? Or looking for your next role in the world of private staffing?

Our team of experts are here to help fill your residence with the best private staffing professionals for the job, as well as to support those seeking new placements across the world.


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Average days from receiving a brief to making an offer to the perfect candidate.

Silver Swan communities

We’ve created vibrant communities for Estate Managers, House Managers, and Personal Assistants around the globe. Our communities are currently thriving in London, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with many more in the pipeline.Hosted on WhatsApp, they provide a friendly and welcoming environment to offer support and advice to each other, while having access to a hugely valuable hub of information for your ‘black book’.

Life in Private Staffing podcast

Do you know what it takes to be successful working on yachts, private jets, palaces, private households and chalets? Join Philippa and guests discussing all things private staffing, a bi-weekly podcast aimed to educate and inspire.

From cheffing for celebrities to working for royalty or becoming a private swimming tutor – this podcast dives into the compelling world of private staffing, with entrancing experiences and fascinating career opportunities.

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