Sourcing you premium domestic staff for your private residence, chalet or yacht.

Housekeeper, private chef, or house manager. Our dedicated specialists are on hand to introduce you to the best private household talent for the job.

Are you searching for private household staff for your private residence, villa, chalet or yacht? Or are you looking for your next role in private staffing?

We are a leading private staffing agency, offering a bespoke service ready to support you in securing skilled professionals for your residence and those seeking placements worldwide.

Meet the team

Meet the impressive team behind our leading private staffing agency, combining extensive expertise in all things private staffing and recruitment.

Our Specialisms

As a private staffing agency, we expertly place household staff in private residences, yachts, villas and chalets. Whether you need house managers for your residence or a personal assistant for your family office we will match your needs with the perfect candidate.

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With our HQ in London and offices in Miami and Dubai, we span the globe and have expert private staffing consultants placing household staff from New York to Sydney, Monaco to Saudi Arabia and beyond.


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Silver Swan communities

Not only are we a private staffing agency, we’ve also created vibrant communities for Estate Managers, House Managers, and Personal Assistants around the globe. Our Private Staffing communities are currently thriving in London, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with many more in the pipeline. Hosted on WhatsApp, they provide a friendly and welcoming environment to offer support and advice to you as a private staffing professional while having access to a hugely valuable hub of information for your ‘black book’.

Life in Private Staffing podcast

Do you know what it takes to be successful working in private staffing on yachts, private jets, palaces, private households and chalets? Join Philippa and guests discussing all things domestic private staffing, a bi-weekly podcast aimed to educate and inspire.

From cheffing for celebrities to working for royalty or becoming a private swimming tutor – this podcast dives into the compelling world of private staffing, with entrancing experiences and fascinating career opportunities.

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