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SILVER SWAN training


In order for your private property to run as smoothly and successfully as possible, it is important that your team are working to the best of their ability with the tools they have been equipped with. Covering private properties worldwide, our partnership with world-class private service trainers, Matheiu Barbe and Dwight Pilgrim-Nero allows us to transform the way your team of private staff work, with excellent guaranteed results.

“We approach every new assignment as a blank canvas where we personally assess and observe all the areas of hospitality, level of service, overall skills, culinary knowledge and attention to detail.” – Mathieu Barbe.

Providing high-class, tailored household staff training opportunities for your team is a sure-fire way to ensure that your property is set up to accommodate exactly what you need, as well as improving relationships with your staff, showing an active desire to see them excel in their role and bring out their full potential.

WHAT'S ON offer?

Our Service trainers offer bespoke programmes depending on the needs of your property. They will delve into your current operational procedures, develop new ones to better suit your property, boost team output, enhance departmental communication, and much more to allow you to best utilise your private staffing team.

Team training can be delivered whether you have a brand-new team of staff you wish to train, or you have an already established team in place that you would like to see shine even brighter.

You can also organise training for individual team members if there is a more specific focus that you have in mind.

Upon completion of the training, all participants will receive a certificate, proving the professional development of their skillset.


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