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How do we reference-check our candidates?

Earlier this year we partnered with Referoo, the industry-leading reference-checking platform to reference candidates that undeniably improves our process.



We understand the importance of finding the right talent for our clients. As a private staffing agency specialising in households, villas, chalets and yachts. We strive to ensure our clients receive top-tier candidates who meet and exceed their expectations.



Referoo is an innovative platform that improves the reference-checking process. It enhances the accuracy and depth of insights gained from candidate references.



Here are some of the key benefits this collaboration brings to our clients and candidates alike:



Verified References: Referoo verifies references which reduces the risk of incorrect references being received.



Enhanced Candidate Insights: We have access to invaluable insights that go beyond traditional reference checks. This means a more in-depth evaluation of potential hires.



Streamlined Recruitment Process: Our partnership with Referoo allows us to integrate reference checking seamlessly into our recruitment workflow, saving valuable resources and making the hiring journey smoother for everyone.



Faster Turnaround: An automated system speeds up the process, meaning we don’t have to individually call or email referees ensuring we can present the best candidates to our clients quickly and efficiently.



We believe that our partnership with Referoo will improve the recruitment process for everyone involved, delivering a better service to our clients and candidates.





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