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From hotels to homes: how to make the switch to private staffing

Looking to switch up your career in hospitality? Considering the private staffing sector could be a worthwhile choice. 

Moving from one sector to another could be considered one of the hardest career decisions to make. However, the reality is things aren’t that different between working with the public and working with families, and the shift is not as hard as you might initially think.

With similar daily tasks, but a more intimate setting and increased responsibility (and a salary that represents that), switching from a job role in a hotel to one in a family home could potentially be a decision that works out in your favour – not just financially, but from a career progression stance, too.

In this blog post, we’ll let you know how the private staffing industry could provide you with a successful and lucrative career, and what you need to do to make sure the transition between industries is as smooth as possible.

A winning example

After talking with Jonny Ireson, hotel Senior Front of House turned House Manager, in our latest podcast episode, he confirmed that making the switch was the best career move for him so far, stating that he has “never looked back” since.

Jonny has over ten years of experience working in London, starting as a Front of House Manager for acclaimed hotels before eventually deciding to move into the private sector and the territory of family homes.  

Jonny tells us that he has had the luxury of working for a number of diverse families and properties throughout his time as a House Manager, explaining that for this reason he is able to deliver the highest quality of service within any home. 

“I’ve worked for a number of different families, and they’ve been different styles of households. Some more formal, some more informal, different nationalities, different cultures, different size of property and different levels of technology,” says Jonny.

He states that in order to win clients and be successful within your role, experiencing different household environments is essential, advising that “putting yourself out there will always broaden your experience.” 

However, Jonny also had to start from somewhere. When he first joined the private staffing industry, he worked for a family who were away from their home for months at a time, telling our listeners that their absence reminded him of his hotel days. However, when they returned, Jonny quickly adapted to working alongside a family on a much more intimate level.

What are the real differences?

Although Jonny is pleased with his transition into private staffing overall, he does admit that there are a few notable differences that should be taken into account before you follow in his footsteps.

Personality is Key

One of these differences is that personality is far more important in this line of work. That’s because when you’re joining someone’s home, you’re entering their personal life and space. You’ll be around your principal a lot, so ensuring that you’re the right fit for the family (and that they’re the right fit for you) is essential.

John Lees, career coach and author of How To Get A Job You’ll Love and The Interview Expert suggests that getting a sense of your personality across doesn’t have to be hard, insisting that “the important thing is to convince an employer that you have the right attitude to work and that you enjoy what you do.”

Every family you work for might not meet your expectations entirely, but that doesn’t mean you should give up completely. Jonny reiterates throughout the podcast episode that portraying that you’re both adaptable and flexible at the interview stage is what will make you stand out from the crowd. He urges listeners to “understand the family you’re working for and their needs” and the rest will fall into place.

On call. A lot.

Jonny explains that when considering the private staffing industry, you need to be prepared to be on call. All. The. Time. 

That’s because when you’re working in someone’s home, you become part of their lives too. Every emergency, last minute plan or unforeseen circumstance could potentially be your job to solve and rectify. Whether it’s a last minute dinner party arranged for 4pm that same day, or a burst pipe for which a plumber needs to be called immediately, you need to make sure you’re available.

Sometimes this means you might miss out on your own personal life and needs, but working in private staffing is incredibly rewarding. Plus, your salary will be higher for your troubles. 

Watch the full episode 

Overall, working for the private sector can be difficult. Late nights, constant availability and a flexible schedule means that your personal life outside of work may not get the attention you would like it to. However, the positives always outweigh the negatives, and Jonny has portrayed that throughout our entire podcast episode.

A demanding but rewarding career, where no two days are the same; becoming a private household staff member could be the career step you need to take.

For more information about what Silver Swan Recruitment can do for you and your private staffing needs, contact us today.

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