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Across the Pond: Silver Swan’s US Community Tour.

We’re back with an exciting update from the other side of the Atlantic. Our dynamic trio, Philippa, Chris, and Jess, recently embarked on an incredible journey across the United States to meet some of our fantastic Silver Swan Community members. And oh boy, what a trip it’s been! Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a delightful rollercoaster ride through their unforgettable adventure.

The Purpose

This voyage wasn’t just a leisurely stroll through the land of the stars and stripes. It was a whirlwind of business development, networking, and good old-fashioned fun. So, let’s spill the tea on what went down during this fantastic tour.

First and foremost, we’d like to offer a standing ovation to the incredible Estate Managers, Chiefs of Staff, and Private PAs who came out in droves to meet the Silver Swan team at each get-together that was hosted. These professionals play a huge part in the private staffing industry, and their enthusiasm left us utterly impressed.

The City that Never Sleeps 🗽

The journey began with a New York minute, where Philippa, Chris, and Jess had a fantastic time- despite the non-stop drizzle! They hosted a memorable community event at the Hotel Chelsea, which is as hip as you’d imagine. A group of our wonderful New York Community members attended the social, allowing likeminded individuals to bask in a valuable networking opportunity whilst enjoying the casual vibe and perhaps a drink or two!

A Quick stop at the Golden Gate 🌁

Then, it was off to San Francisco, where they met both familiar faces and new ones amongst our community coffee dates, lunches, and evening socials out west. Another real adventure here was cycling across the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. Talk about a “wheelie” good time!

Lights… Camera… Action!🎥

Next stop: Los Angeles, the land of Hollywood dreams. The silver screen might be glitzy, however the not one, not two, but three community events held throughout the stay were the real stars during the team’s stay in LA. Plus, the team had the privilege of visiting some incredible estates run by our clients- it’s always a welcome opportunity to see some of the amazing locales that are operated by our clients, and the little taste of the high life helps us to keep any candidates informed on some of the enthusing things they can expect from some of our placement’s locations.

The Sunshine State 🍊🌴

After another flight, Palm Beach was next on the list, and Chris and Jess were able to come together with some of our wonderful community members, whilst enjoying the sunshine and staying at one of the most stunning hotels known to mankind- the rest of the Silver Swan team aren’t at all jealous… We’ll just assume they lived their best lives whilst they were there.

Finally, they wrapped up their journey in the magic city of Miami. There, they enjoyed hosting a fabulous rooftop event and spent their last morning meeting four more wonderful clients before preparing for their final flight back to Blighty. It’s safe to say they concluded their tour on a high note (quite literally with that soirée!).

In the grand scheme of things, it was a whirlwind adventure. 13,500 miles were covered, and they managed to meet a whopping 116 candidates and clients. Not to mention the five unforgettable community events that warmed our hearts.

Success All Round!

So, it’s exciting times for Silver Swan! We’re expanding and eager to bring more incredible members into our growing communities, and we want to remind all you House Managers, Private PAs, and Estate Managers about how you can get involved with future networking events like our US tour. These communities have become the lifeblood of what we do, where we connect, share knowledge, and foster long-lasting, professional relationships. And guess what? They’re completely free to join!

In the end, Philippa, Chris, and Jess proved that when you mix business and pleasure, you create unforgettable and extremely valuable memories, and the collaborations with our wonderful communities across the pond did just that. Their journey through the US was one for the books, and we can’t wait to see where our communities take us next. Until then, keep collaborating, and reach out to see if our fantastic communities can benefit you!

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