Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 Episode 6 – Dwight Pilgrim-Nero, Silver Swan US Training Partner

We have recently partnered with 2 highly experienced trainers of private household and yacht staff and today we are talking with our US-based trainer Dwight. As a member of our Florida community, he has been part of the Silver Swan family for a while but with his extensive training experience gained from 5* world-renowned hotels and more recently within the private sector we felt he was the perfect person to provide Silver Swan training services across the US.

Today we delve into Dwight’s career to date to find out how he has got to where he has and what some of his obstacles on the way were. We then chat all things training – why it is important, why so many people fail when training is lacking, and we discuss his particular approach to his training programs.

If you are interested in talking further with Dwight regarding coming to your household to train you/your team then please get in touch.