Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 | Ep31 – Jean-Francois Chatelain

Today I chatted to the fabulous Jean-Francois about the fascinating world of aviation. We have not delved into the world of flying yet on this podcast, so it was such a pleasure to hear Jean-Francois’ story. Starting his career working as a cabin steward with British Airways then led onto a 25-year career with the airline working his way up through to the ranks till he was the man in charge of the entire cabin, responsible for a team of 22 crew. Having done it all with BA, from training to product development to working on the royal flights his time came to a natural end.

What was a daunting prospect after such a long career, he used his time after wisely with plenty of training and networking with people who helped him move into his current role which is working in the middle east managing the private travel of VVIP’s. This is a perfect role, combining all his previous skills and experiences whilst still providing new daily challenges.
If you are interested in how to shift from commercial airlines to private airlines, come and have a listen!