Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 Episode 5 – Charlotte Philip-Smith, Silver Swan Europe

We are back in-house this week with our fabulous consultant Charlotte who joins us to discuss all things Europe. She has been working for Silver Swan for 2 years now, starting her time with us working on the Saudi Arabia desk before moving over to manage our European clients. She has only experienced the desk post-Brexit so we discuss how things have changed since Brexit when it comes to Brits being able to work abroad. Our presence in Europe has increased fairly dramatically over the last 1-2 years and where we used to manage a number of seasonal roles each summer and winter, Charlotte is now managing a huge number of permanent opportunities in some fabulous locations across Europe.

We answer a number of questions that have been sent in from how to secure your first role on a yacht, to how to transition from a restaurant chef role to a private chef position to how couples can secure work together.

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