Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 | Ep26 – Tim Hughes, House Manager, Ireland

Tim was one of our original members of our House Manager UK community and so am glad we managed to talk him into coming onto the podcast to tell his story. Yet again, I found another new route into the industry which I have not seen before as Tim was a game keeper for a long time before he transitioned across to the domestic side of things. He was always impressed with the staff who ran the interior of the estate and so decided to embark on a formal Butler course with The British Butler Institute which helped him secure his first role as a Butler/House Manager. Over the last few years he has slowly but surely worked his way up through a couple of different positions to his current role of House Manager based in Ireland. 

His experience is mainly in formal households, which we haven’t had on the show for a while which was interesting to discuss – especially the fact that his household has an in-house dry cleaner, not something you see every day!