Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 Episode 17 – Martyn Hanley – Global Estate Manager

Following last week’s episode, Martyn also comes from years of living in the mountains working in the much-loved French ski resorts. When he randomly was working as a HGV mechanic, decided to help a friend by accompanying a school on a ski trip which happen to have a huge impact on the rest of his career – as having loved his time in a ski resort he promptly secured work for the following season. Fast forward 10 years and many ski seasons in the Alps, he spends time in the South of France before returning to the UK and choosing to work full time in the private sector.

He has managed his job hunting well and secured fantastic positions which he has both enjoyed but which have also helped him move up the ranks to his current role as a Global Estate Manager for a high-profile UHNW businessman. A role in which he is thriving in and can see himself doing for many many years to come.He started Swell Property Management upon realising that many clients don’t need a full-time estate manager, especially for those homes that are not their primary residence. Swell now supports a range of estates on a consultancy basis, ensuring they are all well looked after. A great service for anyone looking for that extra layer of support.