Life in Private Staffing | Season 3 Episode 22 – Mathieu Barbe Excellence Training

Silver Swan is excited to launch our training services in partnership with Mathieu Barbe at Service Excellence Training. We have onboarded the highly experienced Mathieu as our in-house trainer here at Silver Swan and we now offer on-site bespoke training for all our clients worldwide. We are huge believers in the power of training and hiring good people is not enough if you want a highly effective team, it is essential that there is an effective onboarding and training program in place also.

Today we delve into Mathieu’s extensive career working with UNHW clients worldwide from cruise ships to super yachts to private residences and large events. There isn’t much he hasn’t done and his transition into training has enabled him to train some fantastic teams in some incredible locations. If you have a newly hired team then they will all be great individually but they won’t work cohesively without any kind of training to bring everyone’s experiences together to form a standardised level of service. Equally, if you have a well-established team, don’t underestimate the importance of regular upskilling of your staff. We recommend annual training for well-established teams to keep things fresh, enhance skills and keep staff engaged and developing.

Silver Swan can now offer tailored training programs depending on your needs.