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Bespoke Recruitment for Luxury Propertiesworldwide

As a Domestic Staffing Agency, we’re the architects of creating exceptional experiences for both clients and candidates. We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best candidates to ensure that the world’s most successful properties and yachts are staffed to 7* standards.
Domestic Staffing is a unique and exciting industry and Silver Swan is here to provide connections and support that are essential to advance your home or career.

Our Story

Silver Swan Recruitment was launched in 2013 by Philippa Smith.

Whilst working in HR for a prestigious luxury ski tour operator, Philippa noticed the formidable challenge of attracting and retaining top-tier hospitality professionals to work within opulent chalets throughout the ski seasons. Surprisingly, there seemed to be a huge absence of any specialised staffing agency which catered to this niche at the time, and so, in 2013, Philippa took the plunge and decided to fill the gap herself by establishing Silver Swan Recruitment.

It didn’t take long before requests for personnel began to encompass permanent residences, yachts, and jets across the globe, turning Silver Swan into the agency it is today. With a growing team, and an even faster-growing client base, it was clear that our London HQ was slightly too limiting for the global outreach that was developing so we expanded our footprint and established branches in both Dubai, UAE, and Miami, Florida.

Ever since its establishment over ten years ago, Silver Swan has been dedicated to simplifying the process of hiring domestic professionals for discerning clients, presenting passionate individuals with unique backgrounds that reach beyond the conventional.

Our tell-tale stamp on the industry is the personal relationships we’ve fostered with our clients and candidates as we manage the entire candidate selection process from sourcing to offer acceptance.



We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to give back to the industry, and thrive on building an accessible community that spans across the Silver Swan team, our clients, and our candidates


We’re ever-evolving, open to new ideas, and strive to embrace everyone who’s interested in learning more about private staffing.


We’re not a one-size-fits-all agency, and we understand that every case is different. We take the time to get to know our clients and candidates individually, ensuring a bespoke and efficient service every time.


We’re a fun and friendly team that works in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, allowing us to take on the stresses of hiring private staff so you don’t have to.


We’re committed to providing an honest, tailored and dedicated service to our clients.

Meet the team

Allow us to introduce ourselves…



At Silver Swan, we like to do things differently.

We believe that injecting some fun and relaxation into our work environment ensures that everyone is motivated to work to the best of their ability, whilst creating strong and lasting supportive relationships.

Do you enjoy helping others whilst obliterating ‘that Sunday feeling’? Silver Swan might be the perfect company for you.

Silver Swan communities

We’ve created vibrant communities for estate managers, house managers, and personal assistants around the globe. Our communities are currently thriving in London, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with many more in the pipeline.
Our communities are completely free of charge. Hosted on WhatsApp, they provide a friendly and welcoming environment to offer support and advice to each other, while having access to a hugely valuable hub of information for your ‘black book’.

Life in Private Staffing podcast

Do you know what it takes to be successful working on yachts, private jets, palaces, private households and chalets? Join Philippa and guests discussing all things private staffing, a regular and long-standing podcast aimed to educate and inspire.

From cheffing for celebrities to working for royalty or becoming a private swimming tutor – this podcast dives into the compelling world of private staffing, with entrancing experiences and fascinating career opportunities.

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