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Working as a Private Nanny

Working as a private nanny or governess is a highly rewarding career option. You will be nurturing child development, assisting them in learning new skills and creating long-lasting relationships. Many opportunities provide you with a chance to travel and experience new cultures, cities and environments.

How to become a private nanny


How can I start my career as a private nanny? 

Being a private nanny can vary hugely between families and countries, but overall can be a rewarding experience full of challenges and lovely moments.

Do you adore children? Do you have the patience for tantrums and hold the ability to nurture and inspire them?

Qualifications aren’t neccesary to become a nanny, but in the United Kingdom being Ofsted registered can be beneficial. This will show employers that you are DBS checked, hold a first aid qualification and have a minimum level 2 qualification in or training in the common core skills.

Silver Swan can support you in finding your new private nanny role, with a team of experts in private nanny recruitment we are ready to put you forward to roles and offer guidance where you need it.

Read below for more information on typical nanny jobs and click here to view our current nanny vacancies.



This is a varied role, typically looking after children from babies up to teenagers. You will help with all care from education to hobbies. You will sometimes look after more than one child and can be offered roles that include accommodation

Night Nanny
To be a night nanny you will be a highly experienced baby nanny covering all care of newborns overnight. Your purpose will be to ensure the baby receives the best possible care whilst their parents sleep.

maternity nurse

As a maternity nurse, you will provide essential support to parents with newborn babies, typically for up to 6 weeks after birth. Responsibilities include establishing good routines and teaching new parents how to care for their babies.

Governess focus on the education and development of children and will often be recruited when the children are old enough to be in full-time education. As a governess, you will be qualified to provide academic support to the children of the household.

rota nanny

A rota nanny will work on a rotating schedule with other nannies. You will generally be required to be available for longer on the days you work before having an equal amount of time off.

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