Silver Swan offers training opportunities for private households, yachts and chalets.

Silver Swan Training

We are partnered with two world-class private service trainers: Mathieu Barbe and Dwight Pilgrim-Nero.

Covering properties, yachts and villas worldwide they can transform the way your team work with guaranteed results.

“We approach every new assignment as a blank canvas where we personally assess and observe all the areas of hospitality, level of service, overall skills, culinary knowledge and attention to detail.” – Mathieu Barbe

It’s imperative to the success of your home that your team are working the best they can with the tools they have. Taking on a trainer is the perfect opportunity to ensure your property is set up to accommodate a team of staff and bring out their full potential.

Private Staffing Trainer
Dwight Service Trainer Silver Swan Recruitment


Our Service trainers offer bespoke programmes depending on the needs of your property or yacht. Offering team training whether you have a brand new team or an established team in place.

They will learn about your current procedures, develop new ones, boost team output, enhance departmental communication, and much more.

You can also organise training for individual team members if they need specific training.

Upon completion of the training, all participants will receive a certificate.

Mathieu worldclass service trainer

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    Silver Swan Recruitment offer training plans for private homes, villas and yachts.

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