Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 Episode 7 – Jonathan Wilford, Private Gardener UK

We invite our very first gardener on the show today! Being an area that I know very little about, I was excited to learn more about the life of a private gardener and how you get into managing the large amounts of land and gardens for UHNW individuals. We discuss the importance of experience over qualifications and that exaggerating your skill set at interview is not advisable! Jonathan has always had live-in positions for his entire career within the private sector which causes huge problems when you are in between jobs or unemployed for a period of time. He has some fantastic advice for others who also have a live-in position in how to help protect themselves should the worst happen, and you find yourself out of work – which also means out of accommodation! Unemployment is stressful enough but when you have nowhere to live at the same time, you must do all you can to help yourself in that situation. Hopefully, you find some of these tips useful.