Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 Episode 21 – Chris Milu, MCM Estate Services & Consulting

Chris is a long-time friend of Silver Swan having been one of our first people to kick off our Florida Estate Manager community and he was our first US brand ambassador also! He is well known in the industry as he makes a conscious effort to network and support others in the industry wherever possible. His story something different yet again, finding his way into the industry by initially working as a caretaker and building trust with the family that way first before they asked him to take over the Estate Manager role when he became available. He has gained a lot of experience over the years and set up his own Estate Management Consultancy firm which he runs with his wife, son plus a handful of other on the ground staff. Their services can range from stocking the fridge before the family arrive, to overseeing renovations and remodelling, to staffing (partnering with us of course!) to emergency response planning and everything in between. This service is so useful if the property is a secondary residence and doesn’t need a full time estate manager or to support a busy estate manager when extra projects crop up. We love Chris and so feel really fortunate to have managed to grab him to jump on an episode! His supplier shoutout is – Laticia Friend, Luxury Lifestyle Manager and Co-Host of the fabulous 5-star Service Clubhouse – also a highly experienced Estate Manager. Who also happens to be a friend of Silver Swan’s too! Her support to Chris has been great, she seems to have positively impacted many lives as I only hear amazing things about the fabulous lady