Life in Private Staffing | Season 4 Episode 11 – Tracey Jones, Mindset Coach

Today we have the fascinating Tracey on the show discussing how she works with Estate Managers globally to unlock their potential through mindset management. Her experience ranges from working with the military to politicians to athletes to UHNW and then more recently onto private service professionals themselves. We discuss the challenges senior members of staff experience on a day-to-day basis and some of her techniques to really help support individuals who deal with often intense pressure and difficult situations.

Together, we will host workshops for our House/Estate Manager communities to ensure our members have the best level of support to keep them in the healthiest mental state possible whilst providing a safe space to talk through certain situations that they need help in resolving. This will be a level of support they wouldn’t have received before, so we’re excited to see the benefits this will bring our community members.

If you have seen the TV show Billions…..then think of Wendy!