Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 8 | Adam Knight

In the latest episode of the Life in Private Staffing podcast, Adam Knight, Director of Eden Swim & Angel Swim joins us to share insights into swimming tutoring in the Private Sector. With a clear focus on his passions from the age of 16, Adam has always known that swimming coaching would be the role of his lifetime. Working within the Private Sector since 2017, Adam has gained supreme knowledge and expertise of the industry, by working with some of the wealthiest families. Adam has worked with clients of such varied abilities, and consistently advocates for the inclusion of neurodivergent children and those with additional needs.

Not only has Adam produced a stellar record within the Private Sector, he has also worked alongside several charities to reach children with limited access to swimming teaching.

Most recently, Adam has signed up to take part in an Ironman Triathlon, in support of the charity Autism Swim. Follow the link below to help Adam reach his goal in providing swimming teachers with resources and training, which will help them to ensure their lessons are inclusive.

Listen to the latest episode of Life In Private Staffing to find how Adam Knight made it into the Private Sector, and learn more about the exceptional swimming schools; Eden Swim & Angel Swim.