Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 16 | Latricia Friend

In episode 16 of the Life in Private Staffing podcast, our host, Philippa Smith, speaks with Latricia Friend, a Luxury Lifestyle Manager based in New York.

Latricia talks us through her professional experience, and how she offers her services to candidates within the private sector, with examples including a CV writing service for prospective private staffing employees.

Having started her career in 2007, Latricia explains how she immediately began in a permanent position, working for one family for a number of years. From there, she learned key skills to succeed in her position and began to acquire the knowledge needed to make sure her employers were always satisfied with her work.

Although Latricia admits the industry is demanding, she thrives in her role, telling us that working at a desk for eight hours a day really isn’t for her.

If you are interested in private staffing and would like to learn more about luxury lifestyle management, or if you need any advice on where to start, this episode is not one to miss.