Life in Private Staffing | S2 Ep 12 | Elaine Braid

Episode 12 of Life in Private Staffing is a little bit different.

This time we’re not talking to someone working within the private sector themselves, but another recruitment agency within the space. Elaine Braid from Poppy Lane Placements joins us to chat about all things recruitment in a post-pandemic world. We go over everything that she’s done to ensure her company adapts to the new normal as much as possible, from work-life balance to vaccinations.

Aside from pandemic conversations, we also speak about the topic of partnership. Elaine discusses her thoughts on teaming up with other agencies to find the answer you didn’t realise you needed: collaboration.

There’s no need to be afraid of working with other recruitment companies in the private staffing sector. After all, it’s always nice to have someone to call during a Saturday night panic!

To gain more insight on the recruitment side of the private staffing industry, listen to the full episode!