Earlier this year, our Managing Director, Philippa Smith, hosted her podcast Life in Private Staffing with guest Laura Reeves, our Senior Consultant for UK Private Households, covering a wide range of topics related to private staffing. Explore this blog post for a summary of insights into the UK private households desk at Silver Swan Recruitment.

2023 compared to previous years

We’re taking an increasing number of high-quality roles for both long-standing and new clients. Our expertise in the industry has led us to take on prominent positions such as House and Estate Managers, as well as Head Housekeepers, in private households. We attribute this success to the strong relationships we have built with our contacts and within our communities. Our active participation in community groups and initiatives, including our podcast, has played a significant role in garnering support for the industry and showcasing our dedication to its growth.

Quality over quantity

At our agency, we take great pride in the calibre of roles we source for our candidates. While this may occasionally mean we decline certain opportunities, it allows us to concentrate our efforts on vacancies where we can ensure our candidates will be treated with respect and have a set of responsibilities that align with their position and compensation. When you come across a vacancy on our website, rest assured that we have thoroughly assessed the work environment and expectations associated with the role. We also provide the client with comprehensive feedback concerning salary, working hours, and accommodation.

Lauras Top TipHow do you get into the Private Staffing industry from a background in hospitality?

In the early stages of your career in private staffing, it’s important to consider that agencies may not always be the ideal starting point. Our clients maintain high standards and often expect candidates to have prior experience in private households or similar environments. Laura suggests that a good strategy for beginners is to utilise job boards, platforms like Gumtree, or even local shop noticeboards to advertise your skills and the value they can bring. One of her best candidates initially put up a notice at Waitrose, offering cleaning services. Today, that individual has become a highly sought-after Head Housekeeper in London.

Our Life in Private Staffing podcast explores many interesting topics with Laura and many other guests so be sure to listen to the full episode now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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