In episode 13 of the Life in Private Staffing podcast, there has been a bit of a shift from our usual focus: we want to talk more to employers of private staff. We’ve centered on the recruitment side to give those looking for work some much-needed support and advice during these harsh times. 

In our latest episode, host Philippa Smith chats to Rachel Stallard, an Estate and Property Manager. Rachel is a returning guest, having featured on episode 2 earlier in the series.  With more than 25 years of experience in the private staffing industry, she’s the perfect source of knowledge when it comes to offering advice to those looking for a new role within the industry.  

In an insightful discussion, Rachel reveals her top tips for jobseekers, from where to find great roles, to making the right impression. Here are a few of her key takeaways: 

CV advice 

Nobody is going to read a 16-page CV. Hiring managers and recruiters simply do not have the time for that. Keeping your CV short and sweet is the key to making a good first impression. 

As Rachel explains, for those professionals who have worked in several short-term positions, your CV can start to look disjointed. “You can lump some of those jobs together,” she advises. 

What recruiters look out for

Try and keep your CVs simple, there is no need to add colour or curly fonts. It might make you stand out, but for the wrong reasons – it’s distracting. 

“You want me to see the words that tell me what you can do,” says Rachel. 

How Rachel advertises for a position 

Rachel says that: “I have to say, in England, I would always go through a recruiter. I’ve got good relationships with recruiters in London. I would say the recruiters have a good knowledge of the pool of candidates in the UK.”

You save a lot of time by hiring a recruiter, but what’s also important is being able to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones.  

Where to look for a job

Private adverts should be avoided if you’re looking for staffing work.

Rachel warns that: “The people that advertise on places like Gumtree for staff are the families you probably want to avoid. There’s a reason why those families don’t use recruiters. They’re probably blacklisted.”

Interviewing successfully

The key to a successful interview is not always about saying the right thing, but rather avoiding saying the wrong thing. 

As Rachel explains, focusing on questions about holidays and time off is something she sees as a red flag.  Whilst they are important questions, raising them too soon isn’t the best approach. Interviews are about selling yourself; sell yourself first, then ask these questions.

Final thoughts on CV writing

Writing your own CV is very important. When you write your own CV it shows off your personality, and when a recruiter looks at that CV they can tell whether or not your personality is a match with the job.

As a final note, Rachel says: “Make sure your personality is sold on your CV and in your interview”.

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