You might not initially think of swimming as a path to take within the private staffing industry, yet there are many opportunities to do so. Just ask Adam Knight, Director of Eden Swim and Angel Swim.

With a clear focus on his passions from the age of 16, Adam had always known that swim coaching was the route he wanted to take. In episode 8 of our podcast series, Life in Private Staffing, he shares his professional journey to becoming a swim tutor for some of the wealthiest families.  

Interested in finding out more? We’ve written this blog to let you know what swim tutoring in the private sector entails. 

Why are private swimming lessons in such high demand?

Due to the lack of Government provision for swimming lessons, children aren’t learning to swim as soon as they should be. Nearly half of all primary school children in the UK are unable to swim 25 metres on their own, and it’s reported that drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death of children in England.

Understandably, these elements have resulted in an increased demand, with parents seeking private instructors. For Adam, this has meant booking personal domestic visits with clients who have an at-home pool.

Inclusivity for all 

Throughout his career, Adam has found swimming to be an ideal form of self regulation and self expression for children with special needs. He told us that some of the children he coaches who are autistic, deaf or hemiplegic thrive as a result of the therapeutic benefits of the swimming pool. 

Mentioning one of his autistic clients in particular, Adam told us that “as soon as he gets into the pool, no matter how bad his day has been, you just see his face light up.” With risk factors increased for this specific group, Adam’s role becomes even more important. 

Coping with change

The pandemic has altered life so much since March 2020, and it’s been difficult to adapt to our new normal. Especially in the private sector, the pandemic caused a huge halt in business as households could not mix.

For children who haven’t been able to attend their swimming lessons, they may be feeling apprehensive about getting back into the water. To ensure a smooth reintroduction, Adam advises parents to prepare their children at bath times. 

Adam explained that although some children might be nervous, others will pick up where they left off. As he discussed during the episode: “It’d be interesting to see what level the regression goes to. Some may have gone back quite a few steps, especially those who are nervous, and some might get straight back on it and pick up from where they left off.”

Further information 

Adam has also worked alongside several charities to reach children with limited access to swim teaching. Most recently, he has signed up to take part in an Ironman Triathlon supporting the charity Autism Swim. Click here to help Adam reach his goal of providing swimming teachers with resources and training, which will help them ensure their lessons are inclusive. 

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