Ibiza, when you think about it, images of late nights, clubs and debauchery probably come to mind. But there is a lot more things to see in Ibiza than just dancing to electronic music until the sun comes up.

For instance, did you know that Ibiza is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sights?

And kebabs aren’t the only cuisine available?

Let us take you through some of the best things to do in Ibiza…

1. Explore Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila)

As mentioned, Ibiza is home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage sights. One of them being Ibiza Old Town – Dalt Vila. It’s filled with cobblestone streets, castles, 14th-century cathedrals, stone statues and Gothic architecture. There are tons of hidden gems and narrow alleyways, filled with picturesque restaurants and shops. Visiting this heritage site, you’ll learn a lot about Ibiza’s ancient history.

Tip: don’t wear sandals while exploring Ibiza Town. Those cobblestone streets are tough on the feet!

Steps leading away from a quaint restaurant in Ibiza Old Town, Dalt Vila

2. Visit the Cathedral of Ibiza

While in Old Town, check out the Cathedral of Ibiza or Cathedral of the Virgen de las Nieves is a must-see in Ibiza. You can’t miss it. The religious building was built in the 13th century on the old Yebisah mosque. Without a doubt, the Ibiza Cathedral is an essential cultural visit.

3. Go to San Antonio beach

The beach clubs in Ibiza are some of the best in the world. On the beach of San Antonio, you can spend the day sunbathing or enjoying activities such as water skiing or sampling the food and drink in the bars and restaurants, also perfect to watch the sunset in Ibiza. The clear waters, fine golden sand on the coast and Ibiza caves aren’t bad either. Also, from this beach, you can reach five coves, each with their own atmosphere and personality. Ferries and boat tours depart every hour to nearby coves such as Cala Conta or Cala Bassa. Cala Salada is another stunning cove to visit and Playa Cala is a beautiful quieter beach of Ibiza.

View of a beach cove from the top of rocks in Ibiza

4. Can Marça Caves

Take a break from the sun and explore Ibiza’s hidden sea caves. Head to Puerto de San Miguel and explore Cueva Can Marca (you’ll see the signs). It’s a secret cave that was used by smugglers back in the day. It’s got an eerie, unique vibe as you descend into the caves via a narrow staircase on the side of a cliff. But once you’re in the cave you’ll find bright green colours and incredible rock formations. It’s a fascinating experience!

Green colours lighting up rock formations of a secret cave used by smugglers in Cueva Can Marca, Ibiza

5. Hike to the top of Sa Talaia

While dancing in a club all night is great exercise, it might be worth stretching your legs and getting some fresh air too. You can hike 2.4km to the tallest point in Ibiza, called Sa Talaia, located in Sant Josep. Start the hike by walking up a street called Sa Talaia, until it becomes a path with plants and vegetation either side. Keep your eyes peeled for an exotic Jineta (a ferret/cat-like creature native to Africa and the Balearic Islands) that might be relaxing in the trees and once at the top you’ll be greeted with panoramic views of the whole island.

Tip: Go during sunset if you really want to be blown away.

6. Cliff Jumping at Cala Tarida

There are a few spots to cliff jump in Ibiza because of the rugged sea walls that make up the coastline, but the best beginners spot (if you’re looking for a lower jump that still gives you an adrenaline rush) is at Cala Tarida. The white sand beach is located 20 minutes (by car) from San Antonio, just look for the rock formations at either end of the beach and don’t be shy about climbing them. The rocks aren’t too high, so it’s a fun jump into the cool, Mediterranean water.

Tip: Make sure you’re jumping into deep water. If in doubt, don’t jump, ask locals for Ibiza cliff jumping advice.

People jumping off the cliffs into the sea at Cala Tarida

7. Lay off the kebabs and try the paella

When surrounded by clubs and beach bars, there won’t appear to be many gourmet food options — but you may notice lots of late night shops selling that 3am food we all know and love. Kebabs and pizza are great, but you’ve got to try Spanish paella! If you’re craving something less greasy and a local treat, take a trip to Kalissol Ibiza Santa Eulalia del Rio and sample some of the best paella on the island.

A dish of seafood paella with clams and lime wedges on top

8. Shop for hidden gems at the hippy markets

Ibiza is known for having a super chilled, bohemian style. So, it’s no surprise that it also has a most of craft markets that pop up on a weekly basis. These are known as the hippy markets. The one in Es Canar usually opens every Wednesday, while in San Carlos, it’s Saturdays. You’ll find countless stalls of handcrafted jewellery, clothes and souvenirs. It’s a colourful and lively atmosphere filled with live music and street food. So, if you’d like a keepsake that doesn’t say, “I’d rather be in Ibiza”, this is the place to find it.

Entrance to a market with a big sign saying 'Hippy Market', in Ibiza

There are a whole host of other great attractions in Ibiza, like banana boat rides, other Ibiza beaches such as Playa den Bossa, a visit to Café Del Mar, yoga classes in Ibiza

If you try even half of these ideas around your visits to bars in Ibiza, then you’ll come away with some great memories as well as that infamous hangover.

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