So, you’ve landed that dream job in the mountains and you’re more excited than skier on bluebird day. Now to pack…

What do you pack for five months, spanning over Christmas and into early Spring?

A few of us here in the Silver Swan office have had ski season jobs, so here are our tips on what we think are ski season essentials:


An extension cable & a European plug adapter

… is a good general a great travel hack but having an extension cable means you can use your UK cables and won’t need a travel adapter for each of your appliances.

Kids socks on a washing line

Socks, socks & more socks

… these will disappear quicker than the snow in April. You’ll most likely be sharing a washing machine – a sure way to lose socks – so bring black socks for work and football socks are a great, cost-effective alternative to ski socks.

Practical and warm clothing

… aside from ski gear, a few staples are:

– Decent ski boots (you’ll live in these)

– A good ski jacket

– Thermals

– Gloves and a scarf

Row of Marmite jars, all different designs and colours

English comfort food

… can be hard to find or expensive in resort, so pack:

– your favourite teabags

– Marmite (even if you don’t love it, others will love you for it)

– peanut butter

– other sweets you love

– and any other home comforts you may miss

Your laptop 

… for watching films and staying connected – get yourself a Skype account too!

This will also come in handy at the end of the season when you update your CV ready to send to us for Summer roles.

A reusable water bottle

… obviously good for the environment, it’ll be great for while you’re working and when skiing – plus saves you buying one.

A music speaker

… is great for transfer days and to have at your accommodation when you have some time off.

An alarm clock

… may seem obvious but make sure it’s on your list. Although most of us use our phones, it’s good to have a back-up just in case.

A mini-medical kit

… with Berocca, Alka-Seltzers, Paracetamol and Lemsip. Unless you’re super-human, you may get sick and the basics can be expensive in resort.

A good quality rucksack

… something light but durable that will last the season. You’ll want this for daily hand luggage to pack lunch and extra layers when you get out on the slopes.

A Monzo or Sterling-style card

… allows you to pay without a bank charge and are easy to top up and keep on top of your budget.

Sunscreen & UV lip balm

… as it’s surprisingly sunny on the slopes and the altitude really gets to your lips, so take some good quality sun protection.

Flip flops in the snow

Shorts & flip flops

… is not something you’d expect on a ski packing list, but towards the end of the season as it gets surprisingly warm. So, a good packing tip is to take a few spring/summer layers for last few weeks of the best winter of your life. As for flip flops, ensure that you pick some good ones from shoe hero.

A fancy dress costume or two

… as there will be a fancy-dress event or twelve throughout the season, so save yourself trawling around and spending more in resort.

Swim & sportswear

… for those white-out or relax days. There are some great leisure facilities, spas and gyms in resort, so pack some active wear.

Go Pro-style camera

… isn’t essential but it’s great to have a waterproof camera which isn’t your phone for skiing pics and videos, and the nights you might otherwise forget…

Cards and travel games

… for those chilled evenings and white-out days, pack your favourite games and a pack of playing cards.




… as you really won’t need it!

– It’s good to have your favourite toiletries but there are plenty of alternatives out there

– All your shoes – high heels are unnecessary, you won’t get a chance to wear them or even want to. And trainers aren’t useful until it warms up at the end of the season

– Multiple ski clothes, they’re bulky and you’ll end up wearing your favourites again and again.

These are a few tips from the team but if you’ve done a season we’d love to hear what your essentials are, and what you wish you’d left at home.

Send them, and your CV for next season to: [email protected]

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