On Sunday 29 September 2019, the Silver Swan team will be in Antibes after the Monaco Boat Show with our non-profit partners – Plastic Patrol and The Green Stewardess to clean the beach at Plage du Gravette.

To support the exceptional efforts of our partners as they work towards a greener and more eco-friendly planet, we asked seven eco-awesome yacht industry pros for their top tips on how to be greener.

Last but so very not least we hear from Alison Foley…

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Current Location:

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Lady and child looking out over the ocean


I’m the founder of Ten Little Pieces, an empowerment movement for ordinary folks to make a big difference by collecting ten little pieces of rubbish anytime, anywhere, especially with children involved.

We start conversations and inspire environmental stewardship through our school-based education program. We’re a 5 Gyres Ambassador, a community ally of Clean Up Australia and a member of the United Nations Environment Program- Global Partnership on Marine Litter.

Lady and child looking out over the ocean

I spent 8 years onboard super yachts as a chief stewardess and a year training entry level steward/esses with Isobel Odendaal at Super Yachting South Africa.  On returning to Australia, I worked with Super Yacht Operating Systems, a comprehensive onboard management system covering all aspects of administration, safety, compliance and efficiency.

My love for the ocean continues – I’ve been selected as crew for eXXpedetion round the world sailing mission, a 2-year global circumnavigation crewed by 300 women to research, raise awareness of and advocate solutions to marine plastics and toxics in our ocean. I’ll join leg 11 from Tonga to Fiji in May 2020, which is an area afflicted by the debris that’s accumulating in the Southern Pacific Gyre.

What moment made you go green:

I realise how lucky I’ve been to see some of the world’s most beautiful places. I also realise that my 3 young sons will not have the same privilege. The ocean and all that live there are in real trouble, as are we, but there’s still hope.

Each year 8 million metric tonnes of rubbish enters them, and by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Every effort to mitigate the damage we’ve done and continue to do is worthwhile and even in an industry as large as yachting, we can see small changes making a huge difference.

Eco & Sustainability Tips:

We need to rethink our impact on the earth, move towards circular economic models and encourage regenerative and restorative practices. The first step is awareness, but it means little without action. As an administrator of the hugely popular Facebook group Yacht Stewardess and Steward Tips, we encourage eco-friendly and waste minimising tips. From bamboo toothbrushes to natural cleaning solutions and organic wellness supplies, and the move away from single use plastic including bottled water, the steward/ess community have made significant shifts in exercising their purchasing power to earth friendly choices, often with cost savings. There’s a growing realisation that in thinking globally by acting locally each one of us can make a difference.

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