On Sunday 29 September 2019, the Silver Swan team will be in Antibes after the Monaco Boat Show with our non-profit partners – Plastic Patrol and The Green Stewardess to clean the beach at Plage du Gravette.

To support the exceptional efforts of our partners as they work towards a greener and more eco-friendly planet, we asked seven eco-awesome yacht industry pros for their top tips on how to be greener.

Here’s Zoe Degas’ story and tips…


Originally from New Zealand but currently in South of France

Current Position:

Sole stewardess on a 35m MY

Girl in a hat smiling

What moment made you go green:

I grew up green – my parents, school and community were very involved in recycling and being aware of the environment.

Growing up in a beautiful and unpolluted country such as New Zealand has encouraged me from a young age to be aware of the wildlife and environment. Because of this I became passionate about finding a sustainable way of living, and I began neglecting as many products as possible that could cause a negative impact on our environment.

This isn’t always easy, as natural items are less financially accessible and more difficult to find; however at the end of the day, the rubbish bag is empty, the garden is happy, and I am healthy.

Having graduated high school, I left New Zealand to work on yachts, travel the world and try to make a difference.

I believe it is important to think about our environment when working in an industry such as yachting, because as we sail to hidden islands and secret beaches, we find places covered in litter carried by the currents, winds and tides, and therefore polluting our beautiful world, since boats are used for great trips, you can do yachts trips or go whale watching california in a boat as well.

Yachting can often be a materialistic world where we are regularly given the choice to throw away and consume without a second thought. If we choose to look into recycling, reducing, reusing and improving the products on our yachts, we will quickly find that it will reduce the level of consumption and encourage the guests to take part in protecting our environment.

Eco & Sustainability Tips:

Being aware of the amount of consumption in the yachting industry is the first step to taking action, then of course comes the question – how can we make a difference?

– Recycle as much as possible whether it be shampoo, hand soap, glass/plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags, and much, much more…use it again!

–  There are also many high quality biodegradable products that can replace everyday items such as bamboo toothbrushes, wooden Q-tips, biodegradable soap/shampoo/conditioner, vegan cosmetics in bamboo packaging, organic cotton tampons, reusable sandwich wraps and the list goes on.

–  Only buy what you really need whether it be clothing, technologies, cosmetics etc… and if you can, buy stuff that’s biodegradable.

On a yacht you may ask why bother spending time and money on buying these products for guests. Firstly, they may be slightly more costly than the easy alternative, but as previously mentioned, yachties are few of which can make the most of a generous budget, and a few extra dollars can help keep our planet alive.

Secondly, these products are better our health! Most organic products contain far less harmful chemicals which can be ingested through pores in the skin.

And finally, having a selection of eco-friendly products and showing care towards our environment will encourage the guests to take awareness of the products they are consuming and hopefully spread the change!

Being eco-friendly and protecting our environment is a choice, one that can be done personally and as a team. As sailors, we depend on our oceans. How can we expect the sea to share with us it’s wonders, if we cannot care for it in return?

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