On Sunday 29 September 2019, the Silver Swan team will be in Antibes after the Monaco Boat Show with our non-profit partners – Plastic Patrol and The Green Stewardess to clean the beach at Plage du Gravette.

To support the exceptional efforts of our partners as they work towards a greener and more eco-friendly planet, we asked seven eco-awesome yacht industry pros for their top tips on how to be greener.

Next up is Malgorzata Scheidle and her husband, Christian.




My husband, Christian, and I are currently running a 22m dual season charter yacht called Nelena.

Couple by the sea holding a fish

What moment made you go green:

I joined the industry in 2011 and was always impressed with how big yachts make the effort of recycling and pay attention to innovations helping to lower their carbon foot print.

Then, working throughout the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea, gave us insight to local governments and their attitude towards the environment, as well as the thoughts of the native people. Most have already seen the damage that has been done to Mother Nature. Local fishermen have noticed the lack of fish in the sea and a horrendous amounts of plastic everywhere.

Being constantly at sea, we’ve also noticed the devastating damage to the coral everywhere man has gone, as well as the low population of fish and garbage everywhere. I refused to believe that just because we’re a small yacht we can’t change and make a difference.

Everything can be greener and more environmentally friendly; from what we provide guests with onboard, to garbage separation. The items we use, such as cleaning supplies and even toothbrushes, can make a greener change to our oceans.

Eco & Sustainability Tips:


– Only use eco-natural products for cleaning and washing, it can be done and is available

– Tell guests about your eco quest and they will help out and get involved

– Promote only recyclable containers for your provisioning

– Ask for boxes-crates, not plastic bags, and use shopping trolleys

– If you have to use plastic bags, always reuse them

– Reuse paper bags for vegetables and fruit

– Use coral friendly products to protect yourself from the sun

– Try biodegradable boat wash, and rinse rather than wash

– Separate your garbage and dispose of it in the correct facilities

– Anchor away from coral and sea grass, and lift it from above without ploughing it though the sea bed


For the last few years, Shalene Hutchinson has been our supplier for toiletries and little guest gifts. We chose her as she has very personal approach to every boat and also listened to our concerns, responding accordingly. Whenever she sees new products to help yachts be more eco-friendly she lets us know, and has continuously given us new ideas and products. As a former yachtie, she understands the importance of it all.

So, over the last few years we turned our Motor Yacht into an eco-friendly boat. First of all, we dealt with the major coral threat which is sunscreen, and have started using Aethic, a coral reef-friendly product.

Furthermore, we replaced all Q-tips with a bamboo product that comes in recyclable box. All of our shampoos, conditioners and soap have refills, so we don’t throw away half empty bottles.

In regard to other sectors for our yacht, we only stock bottled drinks and cans that can be recycled as well as only using bamboo and stainless-steel straws – guests don’t mind the difference

We also encourage guests to reuse their towels and have installed heaters in all bathrooms so there is less washing and drying activity on board.

The products we use for washing and drying are eco-friendly and supplied by EYS, a new company based in Antibes that have an eco-friendly range which are safe for the environment, as well as your health.

We have convinced our owner to look into bio toiletries, not only for the boat but also for his use at his villa and office.

The overfishing all over the world by big companies is unsustainable and soon the oceans will be barren and depleted of fish, so we only buy fish from local fisherman. In the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, we try to support local businesses, fisherman and local market vendors. We have become friends with many of them and always try and educate people about the negative effects of plastic use. One example is a supermarket in Marigot Bay Marina, where we encouraged the use of boxes instead of plastic packing, especially for boats.

This is only a start, but it is great to see some of the people in the yacht world waking up and trying to help restore and conserve nature. I think the yachting community is definitely on top of it and pushing boundaries to do more for our sea life.

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