On Sunday 29 September 2019, the Silver Swan team will be in Antibes after the Monaco Boat Show with our non-profit partners – Plastic Patrol and The Green Stewardess to clean the beach at Plage du Gravette.

To support the exceptional efforts of our partners as they work towards a greener and more eco-friendly planet, we asked seven eco-awesome yacht industry pros for their top tips on how to be greener.

First up is The Green Stewardess

Current location:


The Green Stewardess and a friend holding up a tote bag while standing at the back of a yacht

Current position:

Chief Stewardess, Entrepreneur & Eco Ambassador.

Creating The Green Stewardess has been an amazing adventure. Not only do we make a difference in a world that is becoming more and more polluted, but it’s also a ‘feel-good’ initiative as each day we enjoy being apart of the Solution to the Pollution Crisis and helping preserve our Planet. The Green Stewardess has been well received and supported by yachts and yacht crew throughout the Mediterranean and we hope to widen our reach over the next few years to make an even larger impact on reducing single-use plastics and chemical pollutants in the Yachting Industry.

I’ve been a Chief Stewardess for a few years now, but I remember so vividly the first Super Yacht that I worked on. What struck me the most about the yacht was not only just how absolutely luxurious and breath-taking the interior and exterior was (and it really was!), but it was also the variety and amount of unnecessary plastic waste and chemicals that was present each day.

Over the next few years of working on super yachts, I passionately pursued, researched and sourced a variety of Eco-Friendly Alternatives to replace the major pollutants that we find on yachts today. I feel it’s a necessity to be eco-friendlier in our industry and we will soon see the positive difference that eco alternative products and solutions make. Over the years I built good relationships with many of the product owners and suppliers and today we are proud that to have a sales agency agreement for most of the products that we distribute.

The Green Stewardess emerged and began to assist many yachts in transitioning to green products and more eco-friendly solutions and habits. We have six main eco-friendly solutions that will assist in drastically reduce plastic onboard all yachts, and even households. These products and solutions are cost effective, high quality and readily available.

What moment made you go green?

There were 2 major moments that inspired me to go green and create The Green Stewardess…

– Provisioning for a 123m Mega Yacht and seeing the mountain of plastic waste that accumulated on the dock from a few deliveries. A scary sight, I can promise you!

– The time that our 55m yacht pulled up to a small and beautiful island in the Med and I assisted with the tender garbage runs ashore. Seeing the amount of plastic waste that was accumulated in one week from just our yacht truly horrified me. I felt in that moment that we – the Yachting Industry – needed to make a change by cutting out as much single-use plastic as possible from onboard our yachts.

Eco & Sustainability Tips:

Each of us can do our bit. Whether it’s on a yacht, or simply in our everyday lives. Planning and preparation are the two biggest factors to change old habits into more eco-conscious ways.

Top tips for Crew:

Bottled Water:

Cut out store-bought bottled water and install a water filtration system in the Crew Mess onboard. Crew can then refill their BPA-free or aluminium water bottles eliminating the need for stowing mountains of bottled water.

Coffee pods/capsule waste:

Stop waste from pod/capsule coffee machines by purchasing a ‘Bean-to-Cup’ coffee machine. Great tasting coffee and 100% free of pod/capsule waste.

Chemicals and reusables:

Consider using products that are bio-degradable and non-toxic as detergents, cleaning chemicals and other agents get released into water systems around the world. Use re-fillable clean bottles and bulk concentrates – top-up rather than buying more cleaning products in single-use plastic bottles. You can reuse trendy and chic reusable products such as aluminium water bottles for crew, stainless steel cocktail straws for guests and custom yacht cotton shopping bags – all reusable as well as eco-conscious.

Other great ways to ‘Go Greener’:

Bamboo products:

– The Green Stewardess loves Bamboo! We supply bamboo toothbrushes, make-up remover pads, bamboo Q-tips and bamboo polarised sunglasses. They’re 100% biodegradable!

Guest and Crew Amenities:

– These products are eco-friendly, smell great, are great quality and most importantly have no negative impact on the marine environment.

Cleaning Products:

At The Green Stewardess we have nine products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. These cover all areas onboard and don’t damage our marine ecosystem. We’ve had outstanding results and they’re highly recommend by our interior crew. Check them out.

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