With 195 countries making up this incredible world we live in, there are only so many you can physically visit each year. So, to make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve compiled a list of seven of our favourite and most unique destinations of amazing places to visit to enhance your travel experience, all with an underlying theme – vivid colour! Enjoy adding to your bucket list ideas!

1. Lake Hillier, Middle Island – Australia

At 600 meters in length, Lake Hillier isn’t huge. And nor will it impress you with its diverse fish inhabitants. Instead, Lake Hillier delights with its pink colour. As it lies right next to the Pacific Ocean, the contrast between the candy-floss pink of the lake and the deep blue of the ocean only makes it even more impressive. Unlike the other hot springs and pink lakes of the world – like Senegal’s Lake Retba, which gets its colour from the presence of algae found in its waters – Lake Hillier is still a mystery and one of the world’s natural wonders. Due to its protected nature the only way to view this beauty is by helicopter – and it’s well worth the trip. If you’d like to see some incredible sights across Europe this summer, then check out our latest Summer Vacancies.

Lake Hillier, Middle Island – AustraliaPhoto credit: @clarklittle

2. ‘The Tunnel of Love’ – Ukraine

Legend has it that if you make a wish whilst walking through this stunning green canopy, you will get exactly what you hoped for. Unique, mysterious and atmospheric are just some of the ways the tunnel has been described by visitors and the location has become a big hit on Instagram. It can be found around seven miles from the centre of Kleven, and it is the single-track train to the woodwork factory that has carved this beautiful tunnel of trees over the years.

'The Tunnel of Love’ – Ukraine

Photo credit: John Ibbitson

3. Vatnajökull & The Crystal Cave – Iceland

Vatnajökull in Iceland is one of Europe’s largest glaciers, covering almost 8% of the country. In fact, it’s so vast that the glacial ice conceals mountains, valleys and even some active volcanoes – such as Bárðarbunga, which is the largest, and Grímsvötn which is the most active. The caves look different each year as the ice melts and reforms, however the deservedly famous Crystal Ice Cave is notorious for being exceptionally crystal clear and blue each and every year. And if you love wintery adventures, such as the Northern Lights and the snow, try a season at one of the many ski chalets and resorts we recruit for.

Vatnajökull & The Crystal Cave – Iceland

Photo credit: @helenish

4. The Great Blue Hole – Belize

Believed to be the largest submarine cave of its kind, the Great Blue Hole was declared as one of the greatest dive sites in the world by the famous undersea explorer, Jacques Cousteau. The reefs around Belize are some of the best in the Caribbean, boasting a vast array of stunning marine life, including tropical fish, blue lagoons and spectacular barrier reef coral formations. In 1836, biologist-evolutionist Charles Darwin paid homage to these incredible formations by saying the Belize atolls and the Belize Barrier Reef constitute “the richest and most remarkable coral reefs in the entire western Caribbean.” Would you enjoy sailing across the world? Why not get paid for it with one of our Yacht roles.

The Great Blue Hole – Belize

Photo credit: @kiyowave

5. Library of Celsus – Turkey

Wisdom. Intelligence. Knowledge. Virtue. These are the four statues standing either side of the three original entrances to the historic library in Ephesus and represent the values that the city’s former governor, Celsus, stood for. Constructed in the 2nd century, this monumental tomb which holds over 12,000 scrolls is one of the few remaining examples of ancient, Roman-influenced libraries. Located in the heart of the city, it’s a perfect example of the magnificent architecture enjoyed under Emperor Hadrian between 76-138 AD. A Gothic invasion damaged the library in the year 262, but it was then restored in the 4th century and is still a very popular place to visit to this day. If you love history, then have a look at our Private Household jobs. We recruit for some of the most incredible properties in the world, each with their own story.

Library of Celsus – Turkey

Photo credit: @teresazavattaro

6. Sigiriya, The Lion Rock – Sri Lanka

Located in the central plains of Sri Lanka is the palace of Sigiriya which according to the ancient Sri Lankan chronicle the Culavamsa was the site selected by an ancient King for his new capital. He built his palace on the top of this rock and decorated the sides with colourful frescoes. On a small plateau about halfway up the side of the rock he sculpted a gateway in the form of an enormous lion, whose feet have survived but upper body parts haven’t. The monumental rock plateau is formed from the magma of an extinct volcano and towers over 200-meters above the surrounding jungles. It is referred to by locals as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ due to its significant archaeological importance. Attracting thousands of tourists every year, it may be the most visited tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Another kingdom created from awe-inspiring structures is Dubai in the Middle East, where we have some life-changing roles.

Sigiriya, The Lion Rock - Sri Lanka

Photo credit: @jordhammond

7. God’s Window, Blyde River Canyon – South Africa

Situated in the Drakensberg mountains, God’s Window boasts stunning views of canyons, rock formations and waterfalls. But it’s the panoramic vistas to the Lowveld more than 900m below that’s earned this area the name and made it one of South Africa’s top wildlife destinations. And God’s Window is only a small section of 250km of sheer cliffs and natural beauty that fades as far as the eye can see.

God’s Window, Blyde River Canyon - South Africa

Photo credit: @showmeavonture

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