If you had all the money in the world, and you could spend it on anything you wanted, where would you start? Some people would still be sat clipping coupons, while others would blow millions on a house and a vintage sports car all in one day because, at the end of the day, having money doesn’t necessarily mean people change overnight. Indeed, a lot of rich people are just as careful with their money as your average Joe – that is how the rich stay rich after all, they never spend their money.

bicycle with pink background

Nevertheless, it’s fun to fantasise about being one of the richest people in the world, and what you would do with that money if you ever got hold of it. That’s why Silver Swan Recruitment have come up with a handy little calculator that lists some of the most expensive items in the world, and how long it would take you on your current salary (and your dream salary) to afford each one. This ranges from the world’s most expensive diamond – the Graff Pink diamond that costs $46,000,000 – to the world’s most expensive burger – the Serendipity 3 Diamond Encrusted burger – and everything in between.

So how do the figures look?

Well, if you were earning the average salary in the UK (£27,600), it would only take you one month to afford the most expensive burger in the world – if you could justify spending £227 on one burger, that is. Or, it would take 63 years to save up enough to buy the world’s most expensive television: the Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition that costs a staggering £1,732,500. Australia doesn’t fare much better; it would still take you four years to afford the Clive Christina No. 1 “Imperial Majesty” perfume, on the average salary of £45,225.75.

huge burger with bronze filter

Alternatively, if you live in America, where the average salary is $56,516, it would take you 9 years to afford the world’s most expensive bicycle: the Trek Butterfly Madone, which retails at $500,000. Even in Norway, which has the highest average yearly income in the world at $103,630 it would take 4,346 years to afford the world’s most expensive painting: the Salvator Mundi by Leondardo da Vinci.

diamond encrusted perfume bottle

Alternatively, if you fancy getting a head start on these numbers, and want to try your hand at saving up to buy the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam on the Parana River (the world’s most expensive man-mad object), then why not have a look at some of our current vacancies?

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