Silver Swan do not offer Butler courses however we have listed below other training schools who we can recommend – please contact them directly.


Silver Swan Recruitment places Butlers in private households and palaces all over the world. All our butlers are of the highest standard and have completed butler training to gain the skills required to do the job. Salaries normally start around £35,000 a year and go up to £100,000+ for the most experienced Butlers within a prestigious private household. Below is a list of the top UK Butler training courses.

butler school uk

British Butler Institute – London

Mr Gary Williams undertook his formal training at the then world-famous Ivor Spencer International School for Butler Administrators in Dulwich, London. The school was established in 1981 and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales invested Ivor Spencer (the founder), with the MBE at Buckingham Palace in 2002. The British Butler Institute International School for Butler Administrators and Household Managers (Trained British and International Style), equips professionals with Modern and Traditional Skills that ensure they are able to deliver excellence around the world.

What they offer:

• 5 Day School for Butler Administrators and Household Managers = £1,350

• 10 Day School for Butler Administrators and Household Managers = £2,700

• Week School for Butler Administrators and Household Managers = £4,890

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butler training course uk

Exclusive Butler School – Kent

The Exclusive Butler School was founded by John Pettman, himself an ex-Royal Butler who started his career at Buckingham Palace and progressed to The British Embassy in Paris. John worked alongside two of our Butler Trainers, Mark Moynan and Michael Taylor, who are also ex-Royal Butlers, to produce a programme tailored to creating the ultimate Private House Butler by providing true British Butler Training.

What they offer:

• 2 Week Butler Course = £5,800 + VAT

• 1 Week Superyacht and Chalet Steward/ess Interior Course = £1,500 + VAT

• Bespoke Tailored Butler/Hospitality Training = from £600 + VAT for 5hrs, to 40 Hours (10 x 4 Hour Modules) for £4,800 + VAT

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butler training uk

The Butler Valet School – Oxfordshire

Mr Rick Fink is the quintessential English butler. He has worked for many foreign Royal families including the British Royal family. His pedigree and experience put him in a unique position to pass on the highest skills and standards to students interested in pursuing a successful career at the pinnacle of the service offering. Ditchley Park is one of England’s finest country houses. The Butler Valet School offers a unique opportunity for students to gain first-class knowledge and skills to master traditional butling techniques tailored to 21st Century requirements. All the courses are personally overseen by Rick Fink and his experienced team and the price includes accommodation, breakfast, and all meals at the school, plus travel to and from the school each day, back to your hotel.

What they offer:

• 4 Week Butler Course = £7950

• 2 Week Butler Course = £5,160

• 2 Week Bespoke one-to-one Training = £10,500

• 4 Day Bespoke one-to-one Training = £3,750

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Bespoke Bureau – London

The prestigious British Butler Academy has won recognition internationally. The Academy offers the most sought-after Elite Service Training in the world and features weekly in press/media and TV across the globe. We teach all types of service training to individuals, companies and resorts across the globe. Prices are inclusive of the training, materials, transfer, full accommodation and board, tuition, practical elements, field trip, role play training and much more.

What they offer:

• 2 Week Butler Course = £4000 + VAT

• One-to-one Training = £1000 + VAT per day.

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training for butlers in the uk

British Butlers Guild – London

The British Butlers Guild is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the ideals, ethos and traditions of the Traditional British Butler. The British Butlers Guild was established in 2007 by Anthony Seddon-Holland, a 47-year-old professional butler with over than twenty years’ experience as a professional butler, estate manager and hotel butler department manager. Anthony comes from three generations of professional butlers. The British Butlers Guild offers 1 to 4-week courses carefully designed for those wishing to pursue a new career or to enhance and expand their existing knowledge.

What they offer:

• 2 Week Butler training course = £4,200 + VAT

• Weekend seminars on building a strong CV and interview technique.

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